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After the success of Wind St. Catharines, the idea of bringing this Fusion Cuisine to other parts of the Niagara Region got stronger, and in 2013 Wind Japanese & Thai Niagara Falls opened its doors in the historic Lundy’s Lane tourist district.

With a focus on the local and tourist communities, the restaurant offers a vibrant, stylish outpost ideal to provide the best experience in Thai and Japanese dining all you can eat, in a comfortable setting lounge style, equipped with booths, a grey corian island with
high chairs, and an attractive back-lit wine bar.

The Menu

Following the path created with the development of Wind St. Catharines menu, Wind Niagara Falls takes pride on keeping rigorous seasoning controls when creating their Japanese & Thai dishes, and adopts from MA Chinese Cuisine the delicate tradition of the
Dim Sum, to provide its visitors with a wider variety of Asian flavors.

Carefully prepared with the freshest ingredients available and imported Asian spices and seasonings, the restaurant offers all you can eat lunch and dinner, a la carte, Dim Sum and takeout menus, as well as cocktail, wine and beer menus, ideal for a vacation celebration.

The People

“It’s all about providing the best experience in Thai and Japanese dining.”

The goal is clear, and the staff of Wind Niagara Falls work hard to reach it. Composed by around 60 people, their friendly and dynamic vibe has been drawing crowds of visitors eager to discover new places, new people and new flavours.

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